Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Royal Tour 2012

No, I am not a technically infatuated individual. But such "technical" photos  of dynamos  inspire poetic thoughts, when you learn, that  they were part of a anniversary celebration motorcycle ride done by a bunch of 31 folks who call themselves "Bisons Ride Hard"   and do wonderful, fun and educational trips  across this wonderful land.

They recently did a 24 hour ride across the Sahyadris to Hubli in Karnataka, and then back to Mumbai via Belgaum, Kolhapur, Wai, Panchgani, and the coastal highway in Maharashtra.

A tribute to the hardy vehicle, Rani Enfielda, of the Royal Enfielders...getting a much needed treatment in PanchGani , while the others get theirs (with cakes etc)....

(photograph by the Bisons/Old Monk) 
Rani Enfielda
the Mango Man's Cleopatra,
celebrating her anniversary
a survey of her subjects

across the Sahyadris
and red hot Mirchi Plains.

A 31-exhaust bang salute
and the wheels turn
in great speed
churning her memory
as she remembers
saluting the tricolor,
praying to the Lord
on his own beach in Kokan,
and even going up
the Mumbai coastline
to dream of chikoos.

But this one is special.

Serenaded by
special LED lights
of the night,
dedicated but tired,
she is the queen
of all she surveys across the Pasarni...

And while her subjects
with something
the color of petrol,
she quietly checks in
to the Five-Songs Spa;
The source of her dynamo energy
needs a facial,
special petrol cleaning,
new oil lotions
a decent cleaning
of the brushes,
and she drinks a toast
to the group,
with a glass
of the oil-petrol mix,
beautifully mixed.

As Rani Enfielda,
she must not
and cannot rest....

She must lead them
down the mountain
and up the coast to Mumbai.

Only then
she will rest,
heaving a bit,
cooling in a garage amidst
envious BMW's,
maybe, just maybe
a few
tears of oil
will fall where she stands
leaning to one side,
how much fun it all was.....

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  1. Indeed ENFIELD is the besttttttttt :) and yes I would not part with my enfield for any of the BMW's or honda's