Friday, October 26, 2012

Free Mindful Fall ....

My FB friend, Arvind Khanna, of Delhi, posted this capture of a Champa flower in soft landing on the grass, in a park.

 Bringing to mind a lifetime of existing, first as a bud among many, on the tall branches that flowered ; then in a fragrant flouresence of white , gold, and pale green stems, so secure in company of others.

And then the fall.

And it occurred to me that there were different modes of fall.  

Read on :

Some fall,
palms facing up,
hankering for more,
enamoured as they are
of positions high up there,
end up
crushing their base,
or turning over
in the grass
to a broken life.

And some fall,
because it is time to fall,
after a lifetime
of giving
sustenance to
birds, bees, and Gods
and a fragrance to other's lives;
they fall,
palms downwards,
head bent in gratitude
only to land
on blades of grass
rushing to meet them.

some fingers
then lift them,
cup them in palms,
and offer them
to the One who made them.

Perhaps, they go to heaven ....


  1. Loved it how you say the fall is the ultimate for some..makes one ponder.
    Beautiful thought spun into a lovely poem..

  2. Wow!!! What a beautiful poem--specially when I think of Rajat Gupta's fall...and then loss of so many lovely artists...we fall in numerous ways but how beautiful it would be to be in the palms of one who offers to the One..