Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Banana Tales

My blog and FB friend, senior corporate finance officer and best selling author Ritu Lalit, from New Delhi, recently posted this visual, to bring folks down to earth from their mango-kiwi perches, as well as praise something that has for long, been taken for granted by us.

The humble banana. That shares 25% of our DNA.  Including the revenge gene....

And there is lots to learn....

Hang together, folks,
and be a mellow yellow
in the face of
mercurial stuffy
highly individualistic

reds and greens.

Lead all
on a process
a peel by peel
discovery of You....

Sometimes sweet,
sometimes elaichi,
sometimes petite,
sometimes infatuated
with all good things
like milk,yogurt and jaggery.

Should you, however,
throw the peel
there is nothing worse
than a hurt banana skin;

The Red will return to you
with a slipping
hurtful vengeance
in the green..


  1. Where is the like button? I really like this poem, and thanks for the mention. It is a lovely way to teach us humility isn't it? And also to remind people who are so full of their own selves that all of us are interconnected, the ant, the grass, the banana, the donkey and us humans.

    1. Ritu, Thank you ! And love the thing about being connected ; the ant,the grass, the donkey, and we, the bipeds...

  2. Wonderful...Loved it thoroughly!