Sunday, June 2, 2013

Clean bodies , clean minds....

Mumbai's blogger dog , Bozo, is a great observer of human traditions. Sometimes, he even tries following some things to the best of his ability.

Like he has been watching bathing rituals at home for years together.

And while we don't know whether he is obsessed with the latest dog shampoos, and brushes , there are some little things he observes and follows.

Read on.

I've seen babies
being bathed,
wrapped in soft towels,
powdered and clothed
in soft cotton.

I've seen children
fooling in the shower,
then running out,
a towel carelessly wrapped,
and then being chased
by Moms,
so they can get dressed
instead of playing with dinky cars.

I've seen older folks,
sedately emerge
from a bath,
mouthing some prayers,
and then sitting down for a
proper daily pooja ...

I keep thinking
it's all so complicated.

Unlike me,
I get scrubbed and cleaned
with some
nice smelling soap,
as I enjoy being bathed,
out of a bucket,
and sometimes
dancing under a shower,

A bit of drying,
and I shake myself,
spraying everyone around
with water particles,
and run around
out of sheer exuberance
on a sunny morning.

sometimes I wish
I had soft muslin shirts
which I would wear
after being powdered ,
just like the babies.

Never mind.

The babies and I
have one thing in common.

We both
are so happy after a bath,
that we love
to take a
nice nap soon after,
to wake up
to some yummy stuff.

In my case,
I know there is some Ganpati Prasad
waiting for me
from Deepak's latest trip,
and I know,
I must have a bath
before receiving it ......

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