Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Bozoical E-Rubaiyat

Sometimes I wonder if this guy Bozo , Mumbai's blogger Dog, is actually more evolved than us.

I mean, he watches folks all around him, and their activities in the rain. He sees folks sleeping off, getting up late, fiddling around endlessly on their phones, watching television serials, and various sports without moving their own limbs, all the while continuously imbibing stuff.  

And then he watches some folks,  having proper meals, doing some yoga, and spending a decent afternoon of a stormy day , with a book .

And he simply knows who he should emulate.  I wish some bipeds could understand this and learn.......

I hear there used to be a chap
called Omar Khayyam
who wrote about
a loaf of bread,
a jug of wine, and thou....

Very clearly,
he missed out
on the finer things in life...

A drizzling monsoon,
me sitting ,
in the breeze,
nicely rubbed and dried
after a butterfly chase,
a crisp dosa
wrapped around my paws,
warm milk in the bowl,
a few special London treats
sitting alongside,
as my nostrils get into
an exciting quiver,
at the sight
of a book,
of me,
for me,
by someone else.....

Sorry, Omar !
Bread, wine and thou
are not a patch on
dosa, milk, and me ....

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