Sunday, June 16, 2013

Thalipeeth on a Rainy Day....

Thalipeeth, is a very healthy, roasted multi-grain dish, greatly loved in my state of Maharashtra. The base flour is made up of roasted, rice, wheat, dals, pulses, coriander and cumin seeds, all mixed and ground together. This flour is stored in a dry place and used as required. The flour is called Bhajani.

The element of roasting makes it better for digestion. This flour is often mixed with stuff like onions, green chillies chopped, coriander leaves, and sometimes, simply fenugreek or methi leaves (in season). With a bit of added oil,curds, salt and spices, a wet dough is made and slapped straight on to a hot griddle by hand. A bunch of holes are made on the surface to help in the cooking, and the Thalipeeth is cooked covered.

Traditionally eaten with garlic chutney and a dollop of white butter (just extracted from churned buttermilk), folks also enjoy it with green chutney and a bowl of curds.

My friend Magiceye, just had it for breakfast, and remembered to click it in all its glory !  Those unlucky types who cannot taste it must make do with a poem ....

tucking in her palloo
at the waist,
gathering the errant
rice-wheat-dal sons together

and giving them
a disciplinary roasting
and grinding
they will never forget,
as they sit
in a large paraat,
having just left
closed dabba confines.

But a mother
can never be
permanently angry;
and she showers them
with chopped onions
and dainty coriander
as the fine mirchi pieces too,
tag along,
as a bunch of green methi damsels
await their day.

A bit of oil,
a bit of curd,
and its an abhyanga snaan
with clean water
as they come together,
only to be patted dry
on a hot griddle.

Like our heroes
these guys too
change their names
and are now known as Thalipeeth.

Perfectly cooked,
with amazing roasted makeup,
shining in anticipation,
they relax
on a Thali,
along with the
wayward spicy chatni types.

Before they realize
what's happening
its time for the Butter ladies
who simply melt
at the wonderful sight.....

Some distance away,
Bhajanibai's friend
Dahibai sits,

When the first
flush of excitement is over,
she knows
the Thalipeeth
will come home to her......


  1. That is a nice Poem..Loved it

  2. You won't believe I fed those to the family this morning.Had them qith takku and green chilly pickle .yummm !!

    1. Gosh ! So many folks having Thalipeeth today, its unreal :-) Takku and green chilly pickle is just too much ga !

  3. so much to see in this poetry..butter ladies who simply melt at the sight of hot thalipeeth
    And the thalipeeth coming home to dahibai? What would the butterbai do?

    1. Butterbai ? She will just tag along with the thalipeeth .... you know, girlfriend being taken along to meet the family etc etc :-)

  4. nice poem Kaku..great pic...would love to lick that butter off....
    we made thalipeeth at did Aai (at her place) .. thalipeeth is a healthier option to batate wade and kanda bhaji :)

    1. Thank you, Shamini ! Go ahead and finish the butter.... :-)