Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bozo's Vadani Kaval Gheta.....

Bozo, Mumbai's original blogger dog, certainly thinks a lot.  He has learned a lot of things by simply observing people in their daily activities.

And unlike some bipeds I know, he never blindly follows or apes anyone.  And reasons out things for himself.  Like mealtimes .

 He is not a saint by any means,  he has his share of mischievous fun times,  sulks when he feels more attention is being paid to two wheelers that just roar all the time,  and is known to do delightful leaps when he sees folks he likes.

At all other times, he has his 4 feet firmly on the ground. As he sniffs, tastes and gobbles up some yummy stuff for lunch...

Isn't it amazing,
so many need
special places to sit,
special places to keep food,
special implements to
touch the food,
despite being blessed with
long useful fingers ?

The food
is actually
specially brought to them...

And then
their eyes need a TV,
the ears need a conversation,
as the food
gets chewed down
and washed down
as some of it,
gets left over
and wasted on the plates....

I ,
on the other hand,
go to the food,
enjoy the
and flavors,
and taste,
and simply dig in,
making sure
I don't spill and waste anything.

Preparing food is actually worship.

Eating it with
relish and respect,
is like providing a dessert
for the Gods.


  1. Wouldn't I love to be a quadriped like Bozo, good sense, intelligence and all? :)