Sunday, June 16, 2013

Captain Bozo ......

Bozo, Mumbai's blogger dog, has come a long way !

Along the way, he has observed how folks celebrate events, and social occasions. He knows when to act wilful and childish, and when to act like a responsible person.  He knows when he can be casual and when he must be on his best ....

Often the centre of attention amidst friends and family , he performs with great elan, on such occasions, smelling opportunities to impress, and at all times, alert , to any commands, coming in , from , the Lady of the House ....

The hand that rules the kitchen, rules his world....

So many have known me
I was so little,
and although
I cannot pronounce the names,
I say them
with my wagging tail.

A pouring monsoon outside,
folks visiting
an airy warm abode
with their
bright silks,
traditional outfits,
sipping ginger tea,
decoction filter coffee,
and yummy stuff
being prepared in the kitchen,
to be first blessed
at a special prayer
to the family Gods.

I am the
responsible assistant,
welcoming folks at the door,
keeping away
from chewing footwear,
being careful with small kids,
not jumping on
grand folks.

I stand alert,
bathed, brushed,
and on my best behaviour
to secret commands
only I can hear and smell,
from someone
in the busy kitchen....


  1. Oh, yes! That's definitely Captain Bozo!! Such a fun one as always!!