Sunday, June 9, 2013

Bozo's Prarabdh

Bozo, Mumbai's blogger dog, has a spiritual side to him. It isn't immediately obvious when he barks at the birds in the balcony, chases butterflies, and stiffens his tail in disapproval while observing Lassie from Carter Road trying to show off.

But sometimes he wonders how his life came to be how it is,  his folks, the fun he has, and how they take such good care of him.  I mean Bozo, does not eat pellets of dog food.  With his amazing olfactory powers, it is not surprising that he prefers, traditional Saraswat cuisine, and biped breakfasts.

And then he thinks back to something called Prarabdh. Your current life destined to be the way it is due to your actions in your past lives.  And he , being a spiritual type, accepts it and revels in it.

(He was seen smirking at the Desert Storm in the garage, on his recent outing. I mean just compare how many photos of Bozo are taken , vis-a-vis  the Desert Storm. He simply wins hands down.)  

I believe in miracles
and I believe in Prarabdh,
which is something
clocking up credits
in your past births,
that decide
how you will enjoy this life.

And I guess I must have done
something good.

I came up
to the house,
as a small puppy,
cradled in the arms
of the little girl,
and stayed on
to play with her and her brother,
observing them,
and the family
and learning from them;
Nuzzling them,
listening to all,
stretching in front of the TV News
and getting educated
on how NOT to behave
and enjoying the wind in my face
as I went with them
by car.

I guess biped girls
move away from the family
when they are older,
and my friend did too.

And sometimes,
just sometimes,
I look back over all the years,
and miss it all.

But they notice.

And then
the young man,
holds out his palms,
sometimes with a treat,
and i quietly
rest my face there,
an occasional lick,
a neck stretched for the
rub that I know will happen,
and a secret smile
on my face.

My Prarabdh is fine,
the oppresive heat has gone,
everyone is home,
the girl,
no longer little,
might come on a visit,
rain showers in Mumbai,
Some One Up There smiling,
All is right
with my world.

Yeah !
Before I forget,
Eat your heart out Desert Storm ......

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