Saturday, June 8, 2013

Vangi-Batata Bharlela Rassa .....

Vangi-Batata Rassa   (Curried potato and aubergines in masala gravy)  is an eternal traditional favourite,  and something that is imbibed to the last drop of gravy by using the various Indian flat breads to wipe the plate clean.

My blogger and FB friend Shruti Nargundkar of Melbourne  (who recently won a prize at the Mehta Publishing House blog contest for a very Australian sounding dessert with Indian fruit) ,  posted this amazing visual of a  Bharela Ringan Bataka (Gujarati)  and  Bharleylya Vangi-Batatyacha-Rassa (Marathi).  Complete with the use of a traditional style vessel that goes by the intriguing name of "langdi.".

Please see her entire post along with the clarifications and recipe here.

The slender aubergines/vangis, glistening in the masala, and the hefty potatoes imbibing all the spice from the masala  gravy , the special type of lids with water, and a touch of red auspicious tomato to round it all off.

I thought it was much like a Mass Wedding.  (Often conducted in India, by Social Workers , for those who would not normally be able to enjoy the pomp and show in their own nuptials..)     Why ?  Read on .....

Bhai Rassa,
well known
for his social service,
now announcing
mass weddings,

for those
who would wish to save
on decorations and food,
the officiating priest,
and ultra fancy clothes....

Vaangiben (and brides),
after a prenuptial face wash,
adorned in
warm besan gold
studded with sesame spots,
and a drift of
smeared dessicated coconut;
the green coriander sari
wrapped amidst
some chili designs,
her haldi ceremony
amidst some spicy friends
smearing it all on her.

Batakbhai (and the grooms),
post a warm abhyangya bath,
rubbing himself dry,
unaware that
all the above
is shortly to arrive at his place,
sharing the haldi ,
the spices,
and the zing;
as he gives in
to the excellent flavours
and revels in visions of the future
with Vangiben.

The auspicious moment,
at the Langdi Mass Wedding Hall
the mustard cumin confetti,
bursting in exhilaration
in the oil,
as it sees
the several
Vangibens and Batakabhais
gathering together.

The final blessing from Sir Hing
and the
brides and grooms,
go around the fire,
their emotions
in a fine stir.

A fine counseling
inside closed lids
laden with
the water of the land,
a final benediction
from the Tomatobai,
and the couples
respectfully arrange themselves
in the Langdi premises,
smile through
the red, hot and gold
and are ready
to face the world.

And Rotiben,
kind of looks at Bhakrirao,
nudges Purisaheb,
and says,
" They all look so wonderful, na ?"

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