Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Aam Gaur Party ?

My friend Prasad Paranjape often visits wildlife reserves, and posted this amazing capture of the Indian Gaur from his visit to the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR) situated near Chandrapur, in north-eastern part of Maharashtra. 

Despite being defined as a Tiger Reserve, the area has always been home to other folks too. 

The expression says it all.  Special projects to save the leaders.  While the Mango folks/animals  run from tree pillars to river posts, trying to create a decent life for themselves and families. 

First written in Marathi in June 2013. In September, nothing has changed. In English . 

Rings a bell ? 

जीप्वाल्यांना चकवून धाउन धाउन थकलो,
आणि पानांची हिरवाई शोधत
डोक्यावरचे केस पांढरे झाले ….
जंगलात सुधा लीडर लोकांनाच प्रसिद्धी मिळते ,

पाणि पितांना , झोपतांना , गुर्गुर्तांना ,
आणि अगदी आळशीपणाने
लोळताना फोटो काढले जात्तात .

खर आहे.
आम प्राण्याना पाण्यासाठी लांब जावे लागते ,
झोपे तर सावधच असावी लागते ,
आणि जनावरे ज्यास्त आणि
कमी होणारे जंगल ,
ह्यात लोळायला कोणाला जागा आहे ?

फक्त आमचे लीडर , ज्याना वाचवण्याची
देशात मोठी मोहीम आहे ….

to catch a breath,
dodging those
ever present safari jeeps
and years of looking for
a decent green
has only turned my hair a silver white...

No one cares
in the jungle
for the mango  animal...
its all about
clicking the leaders
as they drink,
and even
wastefully loll around
as they pose
with their 

dynastically minded kids..

We trudge distances
seeking water,
and hardly ever 

soundly sleep
in this killer world;
Disappearing jungles,
procreating animals,
and no rehabilitation scheme
for mango folks like us.

The only projects
are those
that concentrate
on Saving the Leaders.

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