Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bozoical Flutters....

Very clearly, Bozo, Mumbai's blogging dog, dreams. While we do not know about his REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement) , it is clear that he is blessed with Rapid Mind Movement. 

He often dreams about flying.  He has seen huge lumbering things roaring through the skies. He has chased birds in the balcony, who fly off and keep returning. And of course, he has an ongoing thing with all the butterflies he chases in the garden and has now realized why they flutter their wings.

Bozo is a loyal Mumbaikar, and he feels he can put wings to better use. And he actually thinks he is growing some .....

I notice things
on my daily rounds
with Deepak.

And it seems that
once the Ganpati festival ends,
folks leave behind
entire roads,
strewn with decorations,
plastic, flowers, and paper.

I heard someone say
the fluttering
of a butterfly's wings
can effect climate changes
on the other side of the planet.

These butterflies
in our garden
who I occasionally chase,
clearly never worry about
their own land.

And so
I am growing
my own mind wings,
I can flutter
and generate a huge gale
in my suburb itself,
and clear out all the trash
on the roads.

Worse comes to worse,
I can always
fly over
all the stuff....

(I just realized
I may simply be faster
than the Desert Storme
acting posh and Royal,
in the garage.....)


  1. Always love your "Bozo" posts and they do make me smile and miss my Sam at the same time! Hope your weekend has gone well!