Saturday, September 14, 2013

Following the High Command....

My young FB friend,  research scholar in Design , Nanki  Nath , enjoys the environs of the place where she studies, and just posted this photograph of the local ducks, who live  close to the Institute Guest House, and are often out on , what those in power, often call fact finding missions.

These ducks are actually crossing over from the guest house foyer, to the huge pond bank, often populated by folks who throw eats for the ducks and fish.

Is it a sign of the times, that one sees reflections of political happenings in innocent photos ?   

I don't think the ducks are complaining....

Leaders all,
held together at the back,
walking in ministerial style

the High Command,
sombre faces,
measured steps
and all.

A visit
to the
Moongfali and Bread Pecking Sthal
by the side of the Vote Pond.

The Black sheep
err... duck

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