Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dark and Lovely...

....The woods are lovely,dark and deep....but i ve promises to keep.and miles to go before i sleep.,and miles to go before i sleep..."  
Robert Frost immortalized these lines,  and I first heard them when it was reported that they were a particular favourite of India's first PM  ,  the late Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. 
 My FB friend Nirupama Sundar who posted this lovely capture has probably succeeded in finding the woods, they talked about.  These are Mexican Lilac trees,  which when in full bloom, often adorn these dark paths with their fallen blooms and fragrance.   
How ironic, that while nature revels in the joy of Dark and Lovely,  we , as a society, continue to look out for that small streak of white light , and enlarge and propound upon it, desperately, in the quest of Fair and Lovely .....
(photograph by Nirupama Sundar)

They've always been
Dark and Lovely
undulating through life.

Life , though
on being equal opportunity
a Fair Streak
for the ambitious Sun.
(or is it son?)

What a sign of the times
that today,
we have forgotten the woods
and keep hearing
about Fair and Lovely ....

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  1. There is a product for men too! SRK will be mahakhush ;-)