Saturday, September 14, 2013

Security ?

My FB and blogger friend Deepak Amembal aka Magiceye and/or Blownmagic , posted this interesting picture of a "curvaceous tree" from his trip to Hampi .

The scenario of someone struggling and held secure by the tree limbs,  on what looks like the banks of a river of bygone days, and now remaining as a traumatic mind memory is haunting.   Maybe the woman wished to end her life in the river, and the tree prevented it.  And the struggle remained.

A telling comment on the times we live in, when a nature photograph reminds us of events happening around us.....

 (photograph by Blownmagic)
A grievously wronged
woman in white,
in tatters of her mind
and body
struggling on the banks
of what might have been
a river bed eons ago,
in the clutches of the tree
that saved her
just in time,
as the law makers and keepers
at attention
on the opposite bank
stood unmoved,
giving a guard of honor
to someone ,
who possibly warranted none..

Her soul,
wandering ,
amidst the visiting bipeds
in concern
at the situation today,
feels relieved
she is
now safe,
well ensconced
and a part
of the Mother Tree...


  1. Deepak Amembal always does good job.
    Congrats for sharing this...
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  2. Love your interpretation Suranga!!