Friday, September 13, 2013

The Hampian Repose

My FB and blog friend, avid biker, photographer and chronicler of Bozo, Deepak Amembal posted this capture from his trip to Hampi, in Karnataka, in the southern part of India.  

Hampi is the name of a village that lies within the ruins of the Vijayanagaram  Empire, on the banks of the Tungabhadra River.  From 1336 to 1565 Hampi  formed one of the core areas of the Vijayanagaram Empire.  Today this is a Unesco Heritage Site, and the Archaeological Survey of India continues to excavate at the site, which is full of ruins of old temples, city facilities, and remnants of an empire, in the form of huge boulders .

I just saw something at the top of one such.....
The glory
of the bygone days,
now all in the mind,
as he wanders

amidst the
confused about
where they were
and where they now are.

No more
resplendent rulers,
glittering markets
and numerous temples
dedicated to the
One Above.

He climbs,
through many obstacles, rocks
and boulders that block,
stopping momentarily
amidst the
occasional green.

The last step,
he looks around,
at the ruins of the past,
the muddled paths,
the unsheltered peaks,
and lays back,
arms and feet crossed.

Nothing else around,
just the overladen sky,
a wild breeze,
and the elements.

It might just help,
keeping all his limbs crossed
for luck.

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