Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Miss Himachal 2013

Those of us,  constrained to eek out our existence on the coasts, will probably consider this a wondrous site; an apple tree , in season, in the mountains of Himachal, laden with delicious beautiful fruit.

My friend Sudha Ganapathi, who works for one of India's leading Social Science Institutes,  actually resides and works in my city , and  has been  fortunate to go on a visit to Himachal Pradesh during the Ganapathi festival holidays. And amongst many photos of Himalayan peaks and mountain sunrises, she also posted this amazing photo of the apple tree, which makes you marvel at Nature. Producing beautiful internally and externally aesthetic fruit,  for our consumption, without announcements and fuss,  quietly, year after year, season after season.

Sudha,  an amazing travel blogger,  who has recently travelled also to Rajasthan, blogs at My Favourite Things.   Go read !  

(photograph by Sudha Ganpathi)
Miss Himachal.

Year after year,
born of the green,

biting colds, snow and
misting peaks
towering over
valleys in torrents,
she arrives
on Nature's catwalk,
healthfully rounded,
sometimes sweet,
sometimes upmarketly tart,
and sometimes
missing the pink
and remaining green.

No Mother Teresa questions,
no regional cultural
no untoward displays
but a great blooming
in her own earth,
in her own season,
sharing the limelight
throughout the year
with special types.

Miss Himachal,
becomes Miss India in winter,
every year,
gracefully giving way
to Miss Kairi Alphonso
each summer.

No tweets,
no races,
no FB, no Huffington Post,
no tears.

Which is how it should be.

And the bipeds will never understand,
they always strive to be
what they are not.

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  1. Miss Himachal looks great & tastes great too!
    Bipeds are real lucky, though most aren't grateful for nature's treasures like this! :)