Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Uncertain Times.....

My FB friend Krishna Priya, research scholar/post graduate student ,sees and clicks amazing stuff through her camera lens, possibly encouraged by the very unMmbailike wooded landscape in which she currently resides.  She along with a friend manages a page called "Mumbai in 30 days", and do have a look at it here.

It isn't clear whether the entities below are birds, or blossoms that have fallen soundlessly on a bud laden branch .  But something about the demeanor made me remember some bothersome troubling current events .....

(photo by Krishna Priya)
Moving up
in the world
was never easy,
but is now,
even on straight paths,

downright unnerving...

The eldest,
spiffy smart
in a yellow white salwarkurta,
leaving for work,
amidst a few
thorny folks
with closed warped
unblossomed minds,
and the mother,
trying to follow
a bit behind
to see her safely off.

Another very young one,
holding her up,
bidding her to stay ,
and she alternates
trying to decide,
how she can
help them both,
all the while
what kind of life
the young ones
she herself returns to
her own Mother Earth.....