Sunday, September 15, 2013

Bozo's Ganpatibappa

Bozo, Mumbai blogging dog, is a veteran of the Ganpati Festival. He enjoys the specially cooked favorite foods of the Lord, as well as knows all the aartis , which he has picked up just by listening.  It is just that he cannot recite them....

He loves participating in the arrival ceremonies, daily worship, and farewell ceremonies of the family Ganpati Bappa, but what bothers him is the wild noise and chaos that is the standard today, when community Ganpatis go in procession for final immersion in the sea.

All he can do is simply lie down quietly , thinking of the times, when the city was a better place for fellows like him.....

I have
the best of
family, food and fun,
and enjoy the
choicest traditional stuff
during Ganpati.

I really
should be out and about
walking and running outside
to work out .

But I often
get alarmed
by the loudly bursting fireworks,
the high decibel music,
and mindless drunk dancing
of those
purporting to
bid farewell
to the Lord.

So I hide
under the sofa
and stay put,
lying down silently
till the processions have passed.

I so love
the household Ganpati immersions
when I get to go
to the beach,
walking with the family
for the final farewell prayer.

When will we learn
that worshipping and praying
is not
about showing power
over others,
but about being humble and quiet
at the Lord's feet ......

The little Mouse
at the Bappa's feet
who must suffer
all these loud processions
actually told me so....