Sunday, August 3, 2014

Bozoical Rights

Bozo, Mumbai's blogger dog , is back, after a brief monsoon hiatus. For one thing, it is raining  a lot. Besides , it is the Indian calendar month of Shravan,  when it is always beneficial to hover around the kitchen , because so many yummy festival and birthday foods are being made in his house. 

He is being nice to all his balcony acquaintances today, because it is Friendship Day. On other days, he thinks it is fun to bark at them and drive them away .

As always, Bozo gets philosophical.  The crow clearly pretends that he cannot hear.

Bozo clarifies.

Times change
Rules Change

Everyone has rights.

To places.
To balconies.
To shout.
To protest.
To occupy.

I know I must respect
the law of the land
and rules of the balcony.

So I will just watch,
bless you
with a monsoon sneeze,
pace around
and finally go in.

Because I know
that what no one can change
is my right
to occupy a place
in the hearts
of those who I call mine.