Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Ek Nimbubai Ki Kahani

My blogger friend, photoblogger, biker, and chronicler of Bozo, one of Mumbai's leading blogger Dogs, Deepak Amembal, is currently in Himachal Pradesh , as a guest of Club Mahindra, tasting the good life, as it were; feasting the eyes, enjoying nature and its products, and clicking it all.

He clicked this one, possibly at lunch in Mashobra.  A  hoi polloi lemon piece, floating , in what is clearly posher apple cider company, so to speak.

(If you are a lemon, always squeezed for juice, cut up, stuck on edges, and such stuff, you will understand the angst below ...    :-)      )

Like a rural mehndiwali
the centre of attraction
at a Page 3 Capital Mehndi,
she floats in wonder
in the posh shapely glass

Giving of herself
so easily
without machine help,
beautifying tastes,
she dedicates herself
to adorning others,
sometimes sitting
in salty terrains
along the rims.

facing icy folks,
dodging cubes,
and interfering sticks,
she simply accepts her karma.

But she has learned
what her life is,
and like the mehndiwali,
she knows where she stands.

Like Lemonbai said to Ciderbhai,
"I may not be golden,
but you are incomplete without me"...


  1. LOL! Interfering stick - you are just too acutely accurate - and funny! :)