Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Ballad of the Brave Bhakri

My blogger friend Zephyr Nag literally opened a can of angry spices, as it were, when she wrote a wonderful post "Banish Dalia, let Quinoa Rule. "   These kind of thoughts have been simmering, in what one might called "Aunty Space" (I wrote a post on Auntyfication around the same time), and Zephyr's post was just the trigger for an avalanche.

Really, age has nothing to do with it. It is just that we grew up just fine without all these now-deemed-necessary-items, and still continue to do so, in the face of all these efforts being made by multinationals, to change our diet and expenditure patterns. 

Call it old fashioned or whatever. I guess we only pay attention when it comes back to us from the west......

The Moongfalees and Sarsos
doth protest

After a lifetime
of being subjected
to a squeezing into oil,
and a dedicated domicile
in hot kadhais and tadkas,
they stand cracked and open mouthed
at the encroachment
by Lady Oilve
and her pricey dribbling nakhras.

And Tulsi ,
despite being a HRD Minister
gets compared to Sir Basil,
and treated like the poor cousin
from the same family;
Raging Dhaniyas being Jeer(a)-ed
by the Thyme and Marjoram types,
with the Garam Masalas
laughing at the
O-re-ganos thinking
they can make spicy music.

The original corns
being misled by those
that think
that they are sweet
being golden is smart.

And the imitation chickoos,
in reverse immigration as kiwis,
not to mention,
apples and pears,
that bear labels
as if they are part
of the
Designer Fruits of India Fashion Week,
outrageous prices and all;

that have an identity crisis
being sometimes
large and dark
in a land where
Fair is Lovely;

And capsicums,
clearly convinced about that
as they emerge
sometimes blindingly yellow
and sometimes
shamelessly red,
defying he traditional green.

Broccoli beauties
trying to be exclusive
ignoring their cauliflower origins,
suddenly realising
they don't stand a chance
in the face of
Bagaray Baingan
and Bhindi Fry...

And then one day
Mrs Jowar Bhakri
who has had it up to there
with all this,
bursts forth :
"Away with streaky food designs
in square plates;
come eat a full meal with me;

is not a patch
on Khamang Kakdi,
and Avokadorao
needs to hear everyone saying
Aho Kadho, Aho Kadho,
when he appears ;

As for the Flax Youths
smitten by the adulation,
do you really want
to be roasted and gulped,
when you can
in the company
of Garlic and Cayenne,
teased by the Kadhipatta ladies,
and get to be devoured
along with white butter,
watched by a Pithla
simmering in jealously
on the side,
muttering to a green chilly
"Bolo, yeh Quinoa kaun hai ?......"


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you ! Have put some new songs on the poetry blog to rock this further !

  2. Lady Olive and Sir Basil and even Broccoli Beauties are no match for Mrs.Jowar Bhakri and her team. What a colourful composition, Suranga! Thanks :)