Thursday, August 14, 2014

Insights and Outsights

As you age, you start learning about cataracts.

Techniques have ranged from ten days in a clinic, real stitches, Mafia style sunglasses, waiting for stitches to come off (in the 70's),  to quick trips  in and out of clinics within a couple of hours, and back to work,  in the late 90's, when the technique of Phacoemulsification was popular.  It is popular even today.

This surgery was one of the latter types.   

The purpose was the same. To remove the curtain of opacity that tended to grow across the eye lens so that one could look at the world, with new eyes, and like Louis Armstrong , sing  "Oh what a wonderful world !" , the song  with an optimistic and hopeful theme, that calmed a racially and politically charged US , in 1967.

Born to see
a life
of peace, altruism,
goodness and faith,
for Lady Cornea
these have been tough times.

She's realistic,
excellent at handling Pressure,
and with a great sense
of Aqueous Humor,
she passes it all on
to her Pupil,
in the highest tradition
of over-smart kids,
tweaks it through the Lens
to show his Retinal Parents;
good , conservative,
old fashioned folks,
of the heritage structure,
Optica Splendour.

But in today's troubled times,
seeing is
not believing any more.

The usually helical
light hearted Protein folks
clump together,
unable to make sense
of a world,
Life begets no respect,
Free radicals threaten society
and Plaques proliferate
amidst people,
blocking progress.

All they can do,
is wear
a Cataractian Veil
to fool the
Angry  Amygdala.

Not done.

Nishkaam Karma
dedicated work,
no hiding,
and bravely facing
and performing
regardless of the fruits.

And so,
the veil is caught and removed,
fear destroyed,
and the mind cleaned.

Thanks to the Lady
and the "drops"
of constant encouragement,
it is once again
a new way
to see the world....


  1. Trust you to make poetry even out of a bothersome cataract and with all the info woven in, too :)

    1. Zephyr, One has to do something while waiting na ? And thanks to apna google, and docs who take pains to describe the stuff to us in great detail, I thought I should include it all ...... :-)

  2. I totally echo zephyr!!! What a composition!