Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Platforms of the Mind....

My friend Arvind Khanna, posted this to his page "Light or Shadows with Arvind Khanna".   Tough cement immovables, the infinite rails, and the charm of the countryside, away from the city highrises  that have only shadows and no lights, it is not surprising that this scene captivated my friend.

So many neural platforms,
handling various
trains of thought.

Some rushing through
in a hurry
to reach somewhere,
oblivious to
sleepers and rails
who make it all possible.

Some  meandering,
loaded containers,
closed to all ,
but singlemindedly moving.

And some,
that stop for minutes,
taking it all in,
amidst disembarking
squealing kids,
smiling grandfolks,
smitten others,
and slowly move away
leaving the Sun
mightily pleased
at seeing this
first thing on waking up......

1 comment:

  1. very insightful and thought provoking lines put so simply :)