Friday, August 22, 2014

Mountain Gyms

My blogger friend, bicycle trekker, nutrition research scholar, food consultant, and photographer Sangeeta Khanna often gets to travel to  exclusive  mountain areas in Himachal. One such, is at  Te Aroha, Dhanachuli, where she advises the management on innovative nutritious food items that are prepared for guests who stay and visit there.   When she is not busy with that, she gets to wander around the hills and click visuals like these.

At first sight,  what can only be called a "strength visual"......  On second sight, it is all about older trees supporting  young growth.  

Some raise dumbells,
and exercise,
shedding weight,

to augment and grow 

their own
biceps and triceps.

And some,
raise bark and moss
and grow leaves and stuff
to add something to
their own 

self sustaining world.....

What an amazing arm !


  1. Love love the way you see the things around you Suranga :-)
    Thank you so much.