Thursday, August 7, 2014

The day the Rotis lost their EQ

My childhood friend Anjuli Bamzai posted this on FB.

The worlds first Robot Roti Maker has been introduced in the US market for  like 600 dollars.   

Created and manufactured by a company called Zimplistic, founded by Pranoti Magarkar and Rishi Israni  6 years ago, this 40 cc machne weighing 39 pounds, generates 1 roti a minute . You don't have to make a dough yourself, but simply add ingredients in enclosures.

I wonder what will happen to all those who design various continents while making chapaties, those that make fun of them and crack jokes  about them. And mothers will now give this machine in the trousseaux. 

Actually, fulkas are easy. A la Vishwanathan Anand, I am sure someone will challenge this machine to a game of actual fulka making.  And probably win...   :-)

Me ? I am waiting for a Puranpoli Machine..... (and imagining what will happen if a message flashes in the machine saying "Insufficent atta ..."  or  "Maker has detected an bad sector; please wipe and reboot" or something    :-)   )

Does the machine
depuff the blooming roti,
dribble some ghee on it,
smile at you
while serving it ?

Does it
urge you to
have one more
straight off the tawa ?

And for 600 dollars
does it sense
how hungry your are ?

And with 640 to 800 muscles,
what an amazing piece of
engineering the human body is .....

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