Monday, August 4, 2014

Swaying Tall

Some trees  tower above our six storey building, and this monsoon ,  they have braved immense wild winds along with the rain.  It is amazing to watch them waving, bending , yet facing it all , in the face of nature .

What no one sees is the little nests that reside hidden amongst the leaves, consciously protected by the branches of the tree, as they sway to life's vagaries.....

There are those
for whom
growing tall
is paramount
and even automatic.

And then I look
out of my
sixth floor window
on a windy rainy morning
and see
the tallest tree,
moving and bending,
all the time holding fast
to the little black nest
it has protected
for someone
over days.

I am not sure
who has evolved ;
Us or the tree ......

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