Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A Blooming Life.....

My friend Amit Amembal  is simply blessed to have some amazing plants blossoming in his balcony garden, and he posted this wonderful capture with a comment saying , " A flower does not think of the flower beside it before it blooms.... It just blooms! ...."

Simply confirming my belief, that there is much that we have to learn from Nature.  

And that we are so good at ignoring it all....

ऐन बहरातील एक
हरित वृक्ष ललना ,
वसुन्धरेने कौतुकाने बनवलेले

पौष्टिक पक्वान्न ,
फांद्या पानांनी लगबगीने भरवलेले,
विविध आकार आणि मापात
फुलून येणार्या छोट्या मोठ्या फुलराण्या ।

काही आत्मविश्वासाने अगदी पुढे ,
काही झुप्क्या झुप्क्यात एकत्र मोठ्या होत ,
काही मोठ्या , कौतुकाने
लहानाची काळजी घेत,
आणि काही लहान ,हट्टी ,
आपल्या आपल्या कलांनी आयुष्यात उमलत.

एकिच्या उमलण्याने,
दुसरीच्या मनात क्लेश नाहीत ,
मंद उमल्णार्यानचा सर्वांकडून
मन लाउन सांभाळ ,
लहान मोठ्याचा भेद नाही ,

हरित आई कडून आयुष्यभर आपला सुगंध

जगाला देत राहण्याची शिकवण …

कधी कधी वाटत ,

आपण मानव काहीच शिकलो नाहि….

The green lady 
in her blossoming days,
budding and flowering copiously
thanks to the 
nectar of Ma Earth Vasundhara,
rich in growing nutrients,
by the thrilled branches and leaves
and lo behold,
a gaggle of golden beauties ,
adorning the green palace like 
princesses of the realm. 

Some leading the parade
in full bloom 
all by themselves,
some a bit diffident,
loving safety in numbers
and bunching together
in groups;
some responsible blooms, 
taking immature young ones,
under their beautiful wings,
while some stubborn young ones
insisting on facing the world
all by themselves.

Remembering Ma Vasundhara
and what she taught:
Each has come to the earth
The blooming of one 
cannot be troubling to another,
they must nurture slow bloomers
like siblings 
with great care, 
and your size and appearance
doesn't give you extra power,
 but more responsibility
to spread the fragrance 
of life 
where a deficit exists.

one wonders,
if homo sapiens simply missed out 
on all this......

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