Friday, January 30, 2015

Alphabets in Shame

My friend Mukta Atrey on a recent visit to the state of Tripura in the Northeast, clicked some amazing vignettes  of the Life and Times of folks who live in this wonderful part of India.   Several amazing captures of Unakoti, Matabadi, Pilak and Debtamura regions may be viewed here

Sometimes it just makes one wonder about the direction in which we as a people are evolving, and whether what Einstein said is actually true , ie    “The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.”.......

Eons ago,
A physics 
all about cosmic energy,
a chemistry

hidden in local foods,
a biology
that encouraged bovine
and simian members,
a maths that
added well wishers,
subtracted enemies,
multiplied good deeds
and divided
what they had amongst others,
the art shone through
on heartfelt worship
in stone and clay,
somewhere in the Northeast
a celebration of life
by those whom
"literacy" did not spoil.

The alphabets cringe
in shame
at what education
has done
to those
who claim to be
descendants :
a shameless calligraphy
as they mindlessly
having nothing else to show,
the learned illiterates.

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