Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Simian Sensangiography....

My friend, Varsha Tiwary   who lives and works  in the capital , is, besides her profession, an avid trekker, naturalist and green enthusiast. And so it is not a surprise that she runs into scenes such as these and clicks and posts them,  and titles it as "Spa therapy" ,  after leisure activities of the fancy Homo Sapiens.

At first the action intrigued me, and then something became very clear.

Read on.....

(photograph by Varsha Tiwary)

A little one
by chains and ropes

and frightened leaps
sticks and
simple beliefs
that don't hold any more

So she,
a Padma-Simian,
takes charge,
in the barricaded Cathlab,
and seeks
a femoral artery
to insert
catheterized dollops of
comfort, love,
and confidence
into the little one's heart.

With so much devolution
happening in Human behaviour,

it is time for
these folks
to practice what
mind-medicine they learned

in the days
when life was simpler.... ?

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