Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Short and Stout Teapot ......

My blogfriend Ernestine , from the Southeastern US, has a wonderful blog called My Journey to Mindfulness.   

As a young person close to 80,  and after having lived a very busy life multitasking in the business world, she now lives on farmland, in the woods, with her pet dog Callie, her wonderful vegetable and flower garden, her memories , and her books.

She recently invested in a Kitchenaid food processor , she says "it is her color..."  and wonders if she was better off with her hand mixer.

While one goes through similar moments, one cannot help notice the giant tea cup shaped container that comes with the Kitchenaid machine  and sits on her kitchen counter, coincidentally , next to a tea kettle  :-)

 At the end of the day, it is about us simple types, and the newfangled powerful ones......

On a cold day
by the woods,
the Cuisinart kettle,
in old shining silver,
sits on the counter,
dedicated to the beverage
warming inside,
its spout
in wordless request,
beseeching the new kitchen aid.

"I know you are BIG,
you are powerful,
you knead,
but you don't need my hands,
you mix,
at a speed that flummoxes me,
but would you
please push that huge teacup
this side,
so I can pour Ernestine
a wonderful hot cup
of mint tea ?"

A swirl of steam from the spout,
and the kettle sighs.

How do you get
powerful types to listen ?

1 comment:

  1. Thank you again
    once again.
    Such a simple life at this time
    and so rich
    because of people like you
    who contact me
    and somehow find me
    interesting :)