Thursday, January 22, 2015

Safed Tikka...

Amazing blooms in a balcony  tended with much care , somewhere in Bandra.

My friend Deepak Amembal posted this capture today.  At first I thought this was a koranti flower, which has varieties in many colors. Then , I realized, there were no long stamens and   a sense of it being a sadafuli took over .  Maybe it is something else all together.   I am told by Deepak, that the gardener-in-chief  lady will confirm by the evening.....

And then it occurred to me that it really didn't matter. It was enough that it was a flower amidst many other flowers, all  works of art, and all unique in their own way ...


अचानक एका पहाटे
बाल्कनीतील तुळस आणि जास्वंदी
आपापसात कुजबुजू लागली ,

कुणा एका राणी रंगाच्या कोरांटी कडे
कटाक्ष टाकून
काहीतरी एकामेकाला खुणावू लागली ,
आणि शेवटी
"काय ग , नेहमी एकाच सलग रंगात असतेस तू,
आज हे पांढरे फलकारे कसले ?…"

आणि नजर थोडीशी खाली सरकावून
आपल्या मागे किती तरी हिरवाईचे
पाठबळ आहे
ह्या पासून दिलासा घेत
ती म्हणाली,
"आम्म्च्यात कि नाही,
गुलाबाची दृष्ट लागू नये
म्हणून ह्याला
सफेद टिक्का लावणे म्हणतात…. "

 Hushed conversations
between Tulsi and Hibisca
at dawn,
quick curious glances
at Sadafuli
just opening up
to the world
in Royal Rani Pink.

Puzzled ,
yet gathering courage
they ask ,
" Hey, whats with the white streaks
in your normal spotless
face ..."

And she breathes in,
confident in her place
amidst the
lovely supportive greens,
and humbly explains,
" Aiiyo.
They call this
'the putting of a safed tikka';
you know,
just in case
someone like Miss Rose
casts a nazar.....?" 

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