Monday, January 19, 2015

The Runner's Secret...

There are many who participate in the Mumbai Marathon.  Some run to breast the tape, and some run to click the effort.

This post is dedicated to my young friend Kavi Arasu, who has been running the marathon for several years, and keeps himself fit in practice throughout the year, despite his tough and busy working life.  He can be seen expressing his delight in the capture below...

 It is also dedicated to another friend , Priyadarshan Kale, who year after year is out there in the early hours of a cold Sunday, clicking folks  making stupendous efforts, as they actually compete with themselves.  (While many of us  clutch hot coffee in cups and watch folks roughing it out on TV)...

It is also time to acknowledge those at home who make all this possible. 

And so many others....

Kilometre after Kilometre,
one foot after another,
the lungs and heart

applauding in a
regular celebratory beat,
a sudden banking in the road,
a much appreciated sip
of the seasons cool water,
a splash mixing with
the sweat shining on the eyes.

A friend,
powered by an urge to run,
but unable to do so,
rushes to click
and is rewarded
by an image
of someone
who just figured out,
that besides
long distance blessings,
prayers, cheering,
wishes of success,
dedication of those
who make the running possible,
and quiet encouragement
from the skies,
what really powers the last lap
is the face of someone
at the winning post,
jumping up and down,
from a knee high position,
eyes bright and searching,
wreathed in smiles,
charging around here and there,
to the tune of
"My Daddy Strongest...".

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