Thursday, January 29, 2015

Idy and the 8 am Batata friends....

Long time ago, people quietly had their breakfast, and got on with life .  Not any more.

Today,  not only do folks have amazing breakfasts, but they post photos about it,  creating an entire population of hungry jealous friends who see it first thing in the morning. Things get worse, when there are excellent cooks, great photographers and hearty eaters , all in the same family.

My friend Deepak Amembal, posted this capture of Idyappams and Batata Song ,  a kind of fusion dish bringing together the  best and most popular items,  of South Indian and Konkan Saraswat Cuisine  , respectively. 

Something that has a message . Nothing in life is easy.  Ask the Idyappapms. It isn't fun being made to squeeze through perforations in life.

It's a lot of painstaking effort.  But having Batata friends look out for you, makes it all worth it ....... ?


A snow white innocence,
a trusting leap
into boiling waters
and then
a misunderstanding
as someone
puts her back together
only to
pass through
pressing troubled times
all in pieces,
only to sense the wrath of steam
again in life.

Life, it seems,
has other plans,
as some
popular golden folks,
emerging experienced
from a
red hot and tangy
swagger into the plate,
beckon some fingers,
and decide to
take things into their own hands,
trying to comfort her,
" Don't worry,
Times have changed;
Your life will never be the same ,
Mai Hoon na ?...."

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