Monday, January 26, 2015

Kachra Re, Kachra Re....

Left over veggies, never had it so good.

My friend Shruti Nargundkar of Melbourne, actually managed  to hit the winning shot
 in the Kabab Wars, hitherto being bossed over by the  carnivores, with fancy names like Galouti Kabab  and Reshmi  Kabab.

Except this was a delectable drop shot across the  culinary net,  in the form of a mixed veggie kabab, based on all the leftovers from yesterday.  

She calls it a Kachrey Ka Kabab (Trash Kabab) ,  in a backhanded whack to those who call anything veggie , as  Ghas Foos.

Perfect for a time when we look for Sustainable and Recycled Lives.

संक्रांतीच्या शुभ मुहूर्तावर
जमलेली आणि दमलेली
गाजरबेन, बिटाबाई ,
अति विशाल सिमला मिरचे ,
कान्देरवाञ्चा विरह
न सहन झालेली टोमाटा,
स्वतःला "फ्लावर" म्हणून सुधा
ब्रोकोलीसार्ख्या दूरच्या भावाला
आवर्जून घेउन येणारे
लोण्याच्या शिडकाव्यात भिजलेले देशभक्त,
कुणा एका सामोसेरावाञ्च्या तडाख्यातून
पळून आलेले
बटाटेसिंग रताळेसिंग मटारे ….
"हम बहुत, हमारा एक " ची घोषणा
एकत्र येतात काय ,
कौतुकाने कोथिम्बिर-आले-लसून
ह्या वयात आलेल्या मुलाना आपलेसे करतात काय
अत्यंत नम्रतेने मीठ मसाल्यात
एकरूप होउन
"हम साथ साथ है !"
म्हणत सुबक वडे रुपात
पावान्ना आणि वाटलेल्या डाळ्यान्ना
जवळ करून
गरम तेलातले दिव्य करून
हिरव्यागार चटणीला
"चल ग …"
प्रजासत्ताक दिनाच्या मिरवणुकीत
कबाब कवायतीत हजर होतात काय …
नवाब वाजिद अली जी,
आता गलोउति चे कबाब
झाले गलतीचे कबाब ,
ते विसरून जायचे …
आणि मग
कधीतरी कलियुगात
मांसाहारी कबाब अचमबून वर बघतात
आणि "माझा हरी " कबाब ना बघून
शरमेने तुकडे तुकडे होउन जातात ....
Gathering with the 
Sankranti crowds,
Mamzelle Carotta,
Senora Beet,
the Dowager Capsika,
and  Tomataa
pining for the Onion Union;
let's not forget
the stirred and fried
bringing along the NRI broccolis
in a patriotic burst,
just managing
to avoid colliding with
the potato, sweet one and peas,
all just escaping away
from a samosa-y life.

And they congregate
amidst slogans
"We are many, Act as one",
while they mentor
the coriander ginger and garlic
young ones
messing around
with the salt and spices.

Taking along
the teary bread
and somewhat
more maturely roasted gram,
as they take upon themselves
all the heat
the oil bestows upon them
as they line up
holding hands with a demure green chutney
to perform
in the Republic Day
Parade of the Kababs.

"Nawab Wajjid Ali,
Sorry to say,
your Galouti Kababs
must be a mistake
and must now
be called Galti Kababs.."

On a cold Kalyugi Day,
they look up
to see
the celebratory
Kachrey Ke Kababs,
and ashamed of their Galti,
simply dissolve 

in despair,
into a million pieces....

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  1. Ha ha! That is a great name for the kababs. Loved the Galti kabab nomenclature too! Shruti is indeed a great cook. I had discovered her through a certain lady riding a broom :D My kids used to warn each other to finish off all the vegetables and dal else amma will turn them into cutlets tomorrow! :))