Friday, July 31, 2015

Angry Fish, Gandhian Rice......

My friend, Just A Girl From Aamchi Mumbai (JAGFAM), just posted this photograph from a wintry and very cold Perth, on Australia's western coast.

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An excessively cold winter's day, combined with a deep longing for hot tasty fish curry and rice,  and then , as she says , "But perhaps the cold penetrated my head as well, and I ended up with a disaster. The Curd split in the curry, and the fish looked like some alien floating in a puddle of sauce. And since I was so hungry and couldn’t give a damn, I ended up eating the curry. Thankfully it tasted good, which goes to prove that one must not judge anything by appearance J So here is too ugly curries and beautiful Fridays."

Hey, JAGFAM, there are no Ugly Curries.  Just some skirmishes  , with excellent end results .  

Streaking around
the Indian Ocean
at the height of a winter

isn't ideal
even for fish.

A bleak future
of being netted,
covered and frozen,
and they arrive
fuming in anger
on the kitchen counter.

A petulant rage,
a refusal to mix,
the spices and chillies
simply fanning it all,
and the peacemaking curd
becomes the last straw
as they fight to the finish
breaking the curd to smithereens.

It takes a fresh steaming rice,
a veteran and a witness
of several such
willful angry behaviours,
to broker a peace.

And the onions
golden in their final moments,
nudge the exhausted chillies,
wink at the fish
and say
" It's OK.
A bit of a spirited fight
always brings
a gourmet quality
to the dish"...

JAGFAM wonders
if the white and saffron
have any other significance
in tonight's war?

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  1. I love your prompt poetry, you write so beautifully. Thank you