Saturday, January 7, 2012

Fighting the mental black....

FB  and  Blog-friend  Ganesh  Balaraman  posted this amazing photograph of daybreak in Bangalore, possibly  during the recent havoc wrecked by the North East Monsoon .

The photo kind of brings to life the perennial situation for women in India : at the end of the day,  a lonely mental fight against all odds....

(photo bt Ganesh Balaraman) 
She stood
her mind overcast
with dread.

facing an upward climb
in a once bright
and colorful happy world.

Brave and solitary,
of the
imminent black
surrounding her thoughts,
she looks up
at the cool breeze,
her only ally
in a clouded world.

"Lose not
your hope",
she heard,
"This too shall pass.
Nothing can hide
the warmth
and glow
that defines you..."

And with a powerful nudge
to the
goonda cloud,
the breeze,
went away,
to gossip with the leaves...


  1. Beautiful as always! You never fail to amaze me! Wishing you a lovely weekend.