Saturday, January 14, 2012

A royal vigilance....

My friend Shail, a very enthusiastic blogger, photographer and poet, posted this picture titled "Vigilance" as part of series.

A great take on something we see all around us;  a mother/father, bereft of simple things in life, making do with whatever they find, to ensure that their family is safe, and guarding their future. 

In the old days, stuff was commissioned and constructed for the protection of the people and the kingdom, by the King. Today, ordinary folks simply make do with stuff constructed for some other purpose,  while there is special protection, in the land, only for the King !

(photo by Shail Mohan)
Huge 'Fort'ified Sahyadri Hills,
old crowded trees
and paths,
a king's life in there,
and defences like
gates and
parapet canons,
sometimes used
to blast traitors
instead of gunpowder.

And then there is this
stone fortification,
another king,
a mostly arid landscape
studded with mortar.

The mini canon,
A relic,
the family of the king,
who boasts of no troops,
moats or gates;

And he sits,
proudly on it,
in solitary splendor,
in the Sun,
puffed and alert,
guarding those
who he calls his very own.

In today's world,
they should name the wall after him.....

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