Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ruminating in Neutral Gear

My young friend, Sudhir, posted his delight at having completed 100,000 kms in his car in 5 years 5 months 15 days 22;  most of those spent visiting delightful places  in the South of India,  beaches, mountains,  wild life sanctuaries , and some , in the course of earning his livelihood.  

There seems to be a reason, why despite 6 digits allowing the meter counting upto, 9,99,000 kilometres,  the thing initializes to 1, at completion of 100,000 kilometers.

As he idles on a full tank :-)  , I  just wondered what it could be......

(photo by Sudhir Bharadwaj)
The Key of Life.

Switch it on
and watch.

slow and tentative,
but treading carefully,
navigate through obstacles,
reach a good pace,
with reams of experience to fall back on.

quick of the mark,
dazzle in their
gradient of learning,
and reach somewhere high,
leaving everyone behind,
till there is none
left  to  wish and applaud.......

And some,
their minds
stretched like accelerators,
a occasional cautionary pull back
by the middle class clutch,
go higher and higher
on the metre,
revving up in the mind,
so many thoughts a minute,
always aware,
life is never a  race.

The drive is the best
when you know when to use the brake.....

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