Sunday, January 1, 2012

The "P" Supremacy

My friend, and nature and jungle lover Prasad Paranjape  recently visited the Kanha National Park, and captured this photo of , what I call the Serious Owls watching the going-ons, or,  possibly,  him,  in serious concentration , from a vantage point in some tree. 

Something fake in the serious look.  And it suddenly brought to mind, people sitting in the gallery of our Parliament, watching the amazingly juvenile shouting and tearing of papers below (30th January midnight happenings).  All quietly watching the happenings in the well of the House.  Mouths shut. Because this was, after all , Parliament.

Wonder what the owls would have thought ?

(photo by Prasad Paranjape)
We came to learn new things
every day
serious eager students
from the gallery
of Parliament.

Something not taught
in Owl School.

Parliament is supreme.

Rude interruptions
standing and yelling
from your desk,
the Speakers voice;
Our teacher
would have rapped
our knuckles,
and had us
stand outside the class
to await the principal's wrath.

But no.
Parliament is Supreme.

Dashing over to a
speech maker,
grabbing his papers,
and tearing it to shreds;
daringly flinging it on the floor;
Our teacher would have
caned us,
sent us out,
had us clean the school trash,
and called in our parents
the next day.

But no.
Parliament is Supreme.

And the fun part is
none of these actions
for contempt of Parliament.

We're not as serious as we look,
and we watch and learn.

Change schools ?


  1. interesting analogy again and the owls are so lovely..sigh !!

  2. Ha ha...these owls look so cute and disciplined and will really be sorry and shocked to know about these parliamentarians.

  3. I love your parliament of owls!

  4. The owls look so beautiful! Their eyes are half closed...they are bored with the parliament proceedings!

    Good imagination, Suranga!

  5. I prefer to look at the owls instead of parliament members. Wicked analogy :)

  6. I think the owls would feel insulted at being compared to our honorable Parliamentarians. Loved it!