Monday, January 2, 2012

Life of a Star...

Blogger, photographer, naturalist, and wildlife educator and expert S Karthikeyan , has posted this interesting  post on Mayflies  visible on a trip to the Kabini River Lodge, in the state of Karnataka.  

Mayflies , lay eggs in the river water, which sink to the bottom. At some point the eggs hatch, and what come out are "nymphs" that are aquatic types, and breathe through gills. Somewhere in the maturing they emerge from the water and fly , lay eggs and the cycle repeats. The matured nymphs have a very short lifecycle.  Mayfly matured nymphs are attracted to Lights.

The grace of a matured nymph Mayfly had a strange resemblance to an old film banner , that of Rajkamal Kalamandir (of V Shantaram).   And the life cycle reminded me of some life and times of a beautiful actress/heroine, who probably also loved the Lights,  and who had to face all the brilliant highs and lows in an early truncated life.

(All photos in color by S, Karthikeyan; banner from Google)

Leading heroine,
to Kabini Kalamandir Films,
graceful as
the logo,
destined to
finally rise
from the water.

with translucent wings,
gamboling nymphs
vying for a film role
wrapped in  wet wings,
waiting for the big break
when they can

But the script
calls for
shedding the old,
with spider villains
waiting to molest,
tear, kill,
with sometimes
even the Boss Bat
    with relish.

A Web entangled tragedy,
small in size,
but of epic proportions,
as the beautiful
sacrifices her life
without meeting
the Hero
in her life.


  1. A delightful duet of visual and verbal beauty! Highly enjoyable! I loved your earlier post too! Also amazed at the speed with which you compose your verse to Karthik's posts!