Monday, January 23, 2012

The Incredible lightness of being a Cake.....

A blogger friend, at one time an IT expert, but in addition, now  by choice, a photographer, chronicler of the life-and-times-of-her-greatest-creation (not shown here),  a versatile cookery expert, voracious reader, traveler,  car-rally person, and very lately, someone who has ventured into  her own bakery start-up, Monica Manchanda  recently started her very own bakery classes  by popular demand. 

Those of us staying thousands of miles away, had to make do with delicious photos on Facebook.  Some were inspired to write poems.

It just occurred to me that cakes ,like humans, have life stages like childhood, Grihasthashram (householder stage), Vanaprastshashram (old age detachment etc). They just don't have the "Sanyas" stage.  Instead they get wonderful Icing . 

(All photos appearing below  were  clicked by one of the the participants, and my name erroneously appears because I tried to do a slide show.  (next best to being there )....

A childhood,
with fun and games,
in a bowl,
playing catch-me
with the mixer blades,
as the sugar and butter rush in ,
like a smooth balm for the hurts....

Then flirting with walnuts, raisins
dabbing a bit of vanilla perfume,
a bit more attentionto the
Dark and  Handsome Chocolate.

as the
suddenly rushes in,
reminding them all
of their
rising duties;

They mix
hesitantly at first,
like a new bride in a new home;
then with gusto,
as she realizes
she likes it all ....

New pan houses,
new heating
and they mature
to a busy brown,
like grandparents,
nice and soft inside....

on a lovely cakeholder,
with so many
sweet cherry and sugar
falling all over them,
as the visiting ladies applaud.

And the lady who defined the
Life of a cake,
stands back
indulgently watching it all:
A sweet life,
full of energy,
and fragrant warmth.......


  1. thank u so much suranga di

    u know how to weave magic with words and touch hearts

    1. You are welcome. Its a good thing I dont stay in Bengaluru. Poetry has zero calories. :-)

  2. This cake is baked to perfection..... Awesome work .

    1. Check out the FB pictures for more perfection....Thank you !

  3. Read this on FB, on the update that Monika had shared :)
    Am charmed by the vivid analogy you have cooked up for us, and whipped with delicious and colourful words! Charming, and entirely luscious, this treat!

  4. That was fabulous....and as you say poetry has no calories, just love :-)

    1. Sangeeta, thanks ! All those pictures make me feel so full, maybe its time for a poem on running or something....:-)

  5. Amazing lines of poetry and great food caputred in the slideshows.

  6. cake yummy yummy and beautiful lines to follow that :)