Monday, January 30, 2012

Karmic Fish

My FB friend, and photographer  Sanjeev Hirudayaraj from the UK,  posted , what I call, a picture with great pathos  showing a bunch of fish in a frozen bin, after being caught somewhere.

This photo almost begged for a comment.  From a vegetarian. Such was the expression in the eyes of the stoic , but dead fish.

It means different things to different folks. To an absolute vegetarian, it is disturbing to see them lying like this, helpless, with their eyes open. Waiting, even after death, for some further mutilation, while some folks  rub their hands in glee at the prospect of a great meal.

I wonder what the theory of Karma says.
(photo bt Sanjeev Hirudayaraj)
A lifetime
quick turns and dives,
in underwater parks,
sometimes  alone,
sometimes with friends,
and sometimes,
trailing the big chaps,
chasing after
real and fake
in water....

That wilful streak in me
made me bite the bait;
I ascended,
not to heaven,
but to a dingy boat,
where I was summarily flung
into a bin
where I froze
into oblivion;
stupid me,
I walked into a trap with my eyes open.

They say it's my past Karma.

But we fish
dont get over at Death.

Without fail,
all our past Karmas are so bad,
that even after Death,
they cut us up,
singe us,
burn us,
slather us with stuff
and fry us.

Some folks
get memorials and plaques
dedicated to them
in a great hurry;
we folks
get someone slurping,
wiping the plate with a Pao,
and saying,
"What a great fish curry !" .


  1. So absolutely full of pathos and realism. My vegetarianism just got a reaffirmation! Must read for all those who believe that fish is vegetarian.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Cybernag ! The site of caught fish lying like this with eyes open always troubles me. Whether in the market, or a posh icebox thing. But this photo was so powerful....