Sunday, January 8, 2012

Why this Zugmayeri Di ?

Sometimes the most ordinary thing impresses with its regal attitude. Such as this common Indian House Crow, photographed by blogger friend, Magiceye. He has posted the photograph in his post , part of the Camera Critters series.

As he says , " The common house crow of Mumbai, sitting for a portrait :)".....

Regardless of whether you call it the Common Indian House Crow, or Corvus Splendens Zugmayeri  , it is useful to dwell upon the life and times of such a crow, and wonder how it can express its angst.

Luckily these days, there is a popular song for that. This is the Zugmayeri version for crows.

(photo by Deepak Amembal Magiceye)
Sir Corvus Splendens Zugmayeri*** ,
of Anjarle,
on the lush
Kokan coast,
now settled
in Bandra, Mumbai
since the last generation......

on the scarcity of trees
he can alight on,
in this metropolis,
worried about
the competition
that exists
to scavenge
something he wishes to....

Its a difficult life,
what with
so many wires crisscrossing
the sky,
all those towers on buildings,
such terrible deisel-ised air,
and having
to fight
with eagles and gulls

The hair is getting whiter,
the eyebrows sparser;
and although
He can see better than most,
He stares in anger,
but asks,
"Pray, tell me, 
why this Zugmayeri Zugmayeri Zugmayeri Di ?..."

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