Friday, January 20, 2012

Seeking Shelter ...

One never knows what interests people these days.

My young FB friend , engineer and fellow collaborator on Madness Mandali's  KavikalaSatish Suggala,    posted this amazing photo on FB recently and I was fascinated   while thinking about the interplay between the various items on display. here.

This was probably  a makeshift bench somewhere, where tired folks sat  without any worry, totally unaware of the perils of getting clothes mired  and torn  in the nails
while getting up.

Clearly, the little yellow carefree leaf, had no such fear.

And a poem happened.  First in Hindi (our National languge).  Then the English happened ....:-)

(photo by Satish Suggala)

कुछ चीज़े
ढकल ढकल के बिठानि पड़ती है ,
कुछ चीज़े
हतोड़े से मार मार के एक जगह पर
बिठानि पड़ती है ,
और इतने सब शोर में ,
कुछ चीज़े
हवामे उड़ते दुपट्टे की तरह ,
तैर तैर कर ,
थक कर,
अंत में
स्वखुशीसे चुपचाप नीचे आकर सोती है
और सोचती है :
" चलो , आज रातको तो आसरा मिल गया !"......

battered with age,
and rough at the edges,
managing to fit in
after a push here
and a shove there;

shiny heads,
and banged into submission
by massive strokes
the Hammer of Fate,

And in all this
raging chaos,
Some quietly float in,
like a scarf
swimming in a wind,
thought fatigue,
settles them down,
to rest
on the rough-hewn base,
" Ah well, I have made my bed for tonight, anyway !"

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