Sunday, January 22, 2012

Self confidence....

There is so much that nature teaches us.Blogger friend Magiceye posted this picture of an Indian Reef  Heron,  contemplating itself in a pool of water at the Sewri Mud flats, on Mumbai's eastern seaboard, as part of his Camera Critter Series .  A proponent of multitasking, it probably keeps one beady eye also on some wriggling stuff in the water, which may be a good meal, side by side. 

There are Indian Reef Herons  in a wide color spectrum between dark grey and greyish white to white. Sometimes it looks like Mumbai's urban sensibilities and modern ads , have affected these  nice birds.  Sometimes, it depends on the company they keep. 

And sometimes, it is left to the older generation to explain .......

(photo by Deepak Amembal Magiceye)
Times have certainly changed.

when we were a
united group,
flying together
and sharing
all the good and bad,
whether at
or elsewhere...

Maybe it is because
they hang around
with the
pink and white
this young generation,
is obsessed by
about being
Fair and Lovely.

If they
observed themselves
in the sandy pools
at Sewri.

It's not important
what others think of you.

What matters
is what looks back at you,
when you look
into that pool of water,
whether it smiles back !

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