Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Master's Voice .....

My friend Magiceye, just posted a lovely photograph of the Morning Glory flower, clicked on his recent trip to Kanatal in Uttarkhand, in the Western Himalayas.

This took me back to my childhood days, when we had these windup gramophones, which played LP's and EP's, and the sound emerged through an immense brass horn on top, in those pre stereophonic days.  And all those musical records always had a label saying HMV or  "His Masters Voice"......

This flower brought back the memory....

The green felt
of leaves and spears,
on a wondrous base of earth,
succulent with
rising stems,
wandering branches,
and smaller
fluttering , creeping folks
buzzing around
some fragrant buds,
waiting for
the honey starbucks
to be open.

So many intricate
green circuits,
so much sound,
So much color,
so much music,
so many winged dances,
and a tough branch
on the side,
whipped by the wind
cranking up the machine...

That's the
longest playing record,
the Creation LP,
playing to us all,
this horn,
the Morning Glory
open to the world,
"His Masters Voice"
in the green wilderness....


  1. With such effortlessness you bring the most natural thing into picture. Yes, nature has her own trumpets to sing to us, we have lost our ears.

  2. Bhavana, Magiceye, Sangeeta Thank you !