Friday, May 31, 2013

Mind Colors

My FB friend Pandit Gourang Kodicalji, has an unending supply of amazing visuals, which he keeps posting from time to time.

Like these two penguins, out for a walk , on a beach, possibly somewhere in the southern coast of South Africa.

Unlike us, they do not bother too much about black and white, possibly because they were born in a Mandelian South Africa. 

The reality, as I understand could be different.  But there is much that we might learn from them....

those beings
with evolved cerebral cortexes
who have reduced
money,minds, and religion
to black and white,
these chaps know
white is a mixture of all,
and black is when
there is nothing;

Life is all about
sharing and mixing
so you
feel as one
when you
walk down
or even swim
through the greys of life...

1 comment:

  1. I believe that animals are completely unbiased about the colour of their skin. If you observe street dogs, you can see that size and colour does not matter..the leader is one who has the capability of taking care of the whole pack.