Tuesday, October 1, 2013

That touch of gold .....

My FB and blogger friend Sangeeta Khanna of Delhi, has the good fortune to live amidst a garden populated with a wide variety of birds and insects, that visit it.  Consequently,  Sangeeta who is actually research a scholar in botany, nutrition and traditional foods, also has developed expertise in birds and insects.

She clicked this damselfly in her garden, which found this piece of sunny marble of great interest . 

It just occurred to me, that while one has heard fruitflies being studied by scientists to learn about genetics , sleep and disease, these damsel flies may just be the things to be studied to teach us about why humans have certain attitudes .....

Some damsels
and fly off with the gold,
impoverishing the
Mother soil

that gave them
the best
wonder years
of their exclusive lives.

And some
generate a great buzz,
as they retract,  

extend and land,
amidst wing flutters
reaching down,
converting everything they touch
into gold.

1 comment:

  1. Yes the attitude is what makes or breaks it :-)
    Such wisdom you bring in your poetry Suranga...I am spellbound.