Sunday, October 20, 2013

Bozo : The Earth is Round !

Believe it or not, but this guy Bozo, Mumbai's blogging dog, could teach everyone a thing or two where philosophies of living are concerned.

His dearest friend from childhood, recently here on a visit, has now gone back to her home across the seas, and although he really misses her, Bozo is already looking forward to her next visit.

How come ?  Ah.  All that TV watching with Deepak, and seeing maps, has made Bozo realize something. And although even his friend may not know when she is visiting here next, Bozo knows.

Read on. And eat your heart out Thomas Friedman ....the earth is NOT flat. Kisne Bola ?

I've learnt many things.

That life goes on.

when your best friend
goes away,
daughter, sister,
granddaughter and niece
also goes away,
so all of us come together
and remember
the fun times
 we recently had.

I've also learned one thing more
from all my TV watching
with Deepak.

That the Earth is round.

And those
that actually travel really far,
will ultimately
go full circle
reach back
to where they started.

To me.